Thursday, February 9, 2012

Breakthrough/development: SASHA 4.1!

SASHA 4.1 is now in development!
We're taking a break from SASHA 5.0 to develop 4.1, a miniature robot that will use Robot C and might incorporate drone capabilities.
SASHA 4.1 will be a side project that will keep us busy while the considerations, planning, and building of 5.0 takes place.
Our variety of parts, laid out for consideration

Tyler working with the aforementioned parts

We also use brand new parts from our VEX kit to complete our building

In addition to VEX parts, we will be using Lego Mindstorms NXT parts

All of them will come together in the hands of our builders

Our group is working with a wide array and variety of parts, going to the deepest depths of our resources to create the tiny SASHA 4.1.

At the same time, SASHA 5.0 is not forgotten.  We are working hard to produce 5.0 while also working on 4.1 at the same time.  4.1, since it is a miniature project, will be completed in much less time and therefore we are hoping to complete them simultaneously.

Also, finally, as promised, here is a copy of our presentation for the potential Robotics team members of next year.  It displays the expertly crafted and designed SASHA 4.0, showing the work our group has been doing for the past few weeks.
This is a glimpse of our presentation.  Click the image to see the rest.

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