Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Today, we are working on building our robot. This is our current class project and we plan on building this quickly and with our special engineering innovation in order to win the competition.

Monday, December 19, 2011


I'm adding my Twitter account to provide updates from this site, so all of you on twitter can follow us!

Working with Autodesk

So, we've got Autodesk up and running and today was spent finishing off the chassis in real life and modeling it in Autodesk.

Here the assembly of the chassis.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Autodesk Inventor 2012

After installation of the VEX models for each and every tiny part, we have got around to installing Autodesk Inventor 2012. We have already begun assembling parts to create a model of our robot before it is finished and we plan to modify it in program.

This is a great program for modeling our robot

SASHA Vex 4.0 Under Way!

Today, we are appearing on film for the first time.  We plan on uploading pictures and videos to this blog, as well as our Google Plus page.  Project Sasha Vex, or Project Sasha 4.0 is under way.  We will be uploading pictures of progress as well as or finished project, and we will keep YOU posted while we work hard to make this project even better than our last winner!
Omar assembling chasis

We do not work from the instructions, but we work with the instructions to combine their structured projects with our innovative ideas.

Everybody is working together on this extremely important project.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Getting down to business

Today was basically spent assigning positions for each other and examining our new ordered VEX kits.

The Protobot kit we will be using. 

We are using a protobot kit along with a tumbler kit. However, we will modify it with several other parts we have from other kits. We have also installed the the VEX robotics Autodesk curriculum. As of now, Autodesk Inventor Professional is in the process of downloading.

Here is the installation disk

And that sums the day. We finished a part inspection and tomorrow we will begin work on the chassis.

Welcome to Project SASHA VEX

Hello readers. We are a robotics team dedicated to the development of SASHA using VEX. Here is a brief history of previous versions of SASHA.

SASHA first started off as a modified version of an NXT machine gun. It ran on a completely different program and was capable of wheels and traveling by remote control.

Later SASHA was given an alternate sister capable of transporting a ball and flipping other robots.Here is SASHA 2.0.

Team Members working on SASHA 2.0
The latest version of SASHA that is a stable release is powered by VEX. Here is an image and it is a durable robot capable of video conferencing,

What we are now working on is a new version of SASHA which will be a combination of video conferencing, and a robotic arm capable of simple transport of objects such as a ball. IN the following posts we will show you our work.