Team Information

This is us.

We are a sub team of ESUMS robotics full team, however we are the moderators of that team as well. You can visit them by clicking here.

You can also visit our Google plus page.

Team Members

Dan is one of our digital portfolio editors.  He assists in building and brainstorming and plays a great role in keeping this blog up and running.

Newlyn is one of our top programmers and brainstormers.  He assists in building the more innovative parts, fitting them to his imagination.
Anthony is our group leader.  He supervises everything that goes on while helping in small ways with brainstorming and finding parts.
Tyler is our top builder.  He constructs most of the robots we have and is responsible for many of our great innovations and successes because of his skills at designing and building.
Omar supervises all parts and official documentation.  He helps us brainstorm and is responsible for making sure all of our robots are built correctly and documented professionally.
Mr. Didacus is our coach.  He takes painstaking care to ensure that all of our robots are constructed properly and in time, and we call him the honorary leader of our group.

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