Tuesday, May 1, 2012

NASA Project

The NASA project is where we will attach a camera onto a camera stand which we installed onto the top of our old vex robot, SASHA 5.2. This new robot is SASHA 6.1 and it is going to be used as our NASA rover. This is a very advanced project that will take a while to establish and place the camera stand ou top of our robot.
After we esemble the camera stand on top of the robot, we will use a phone as our camera. The phone will have Skype turned on so it can show us everything that is going on in front of our Mars rover. We'll have a computer turned on so we can see whatever the rover sees from our computer. We can even direction the rover without being right next to it if we have the camera attached, just like they do with.the actual Mars rover. The only difference will be that ours us not as advanced as theirs.

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