Friday, May 4, 2012

Live streming on SASHA 5.2

Today, SASHA 5.2 was equipped with a final setup for live streaming.  The robot is now able to hold a mobile phone and send live video of what it can 'see' to a computer through Skype video communication.
The final setup looks like this:

Finally, we have been very busy putting the finishing touches and repairs on our robotic arm, SASHA 6.0, and have been working on a tentative project, SASHA 7.0.  SASHA 6.0 will soon be equipped with the same Skype video chatting technology implemented on SASHA 5.2.  Stay tuned for more updates on this!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

NASA Project

The NASA project is where we will attach a camera onto a camera stand which we installed onto the top of our old vex robot, SASHA 5.2. This new robot is SASHA 6.1 and it is going to be used as our NASA rover. This is a very advanced project that will take a while to establish and place the camera stand ou top of our robot.
After we esemble the camera stand on top of the robot, we will use a phone as our camera. The phone will have Skype turned on so it can show us everything that is going on in front of our Mars rover. We'll have a computer turned on so we can see whatever the rover sees from our computer. We can even direction the rover without being right next to it if we have the camera attached, just like they do with.the actual Mars rover. The only difference will be that ours us not as advanced as theirs.

Friday, April 27, 2012

T-Shirt Design

Recently, we began creating a T-Shirt for our team.  This is a polo shirt because it will fit into our school uniform and allow us to remain in uniform while identifying us as Team 6 members.
While this T-Shirt is not final, it is a basic idea of what we intend to have.

Custom t-shirt printing at

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Help Our Group.

Latest Updates of SASHA Vex

Currently, we are beginning a new project who's goals are provided by NASA.  This project will help us develop skills in engineering, science, and robotics, and promote these in our work environment.

Our first robotic arm is finished.  We completed the arm and it is fully functional aside from one converter which was overloaded and quickly replaced.  The robotic arm is open to improvements, but currently it is in testing phase so that we can determine where these improvements will be.
Finally, we are working on a poster advertisement to promote our group and recruit new members to the team.  A copy of this poster will be uploaded as soon as it is complete.  We need to diminish the size of other groups and increase our own in order to increase our budget and the resources and materials available to us.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Robotic Arena changes

Currently our group has abandoned the construction of the robotic arena.  Our mentor, Mr. Didacus, was not satisfied with the level of engineering which we were doing and we have decided to leave the project in order to save time.  Other groups are attempting to fix the arena while we prepare to navigate our robot around the arena and retrieve the mines.  We will keep you posted on the status of the competition which is tomorrow and my personal assistant Anthony will be recording video, taking pictures, uploading presentations, and blogging all at once to keep you informed at all times during the competition.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Arena Construction

Today our group completed the construction of the Robotic Arena which will be used for the Minesweeper competition on Friday.  While other groups have worked on the arena in some ways, our group has the most participation in this great event and we are considered the sponsors of this project.  We are proud to host the Minesweeper competition soon, and we hope to do well in this competition!
The basic layout of the arena starts with the cardboard base.  Each base is raised about six inches and has several holes in it for columns on which the "mines" (or balls) will be placed.   There are a total of four platform, connected by wooden bridges making it challenging to get around.  There is one platform, the entrance platform, which does not have any holes on it.  It is purely for the purpose of entering the arena and navigating around it.
The structure looks like this: