Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Arena Construction

Today our group completed the construction of the Robotic Arena which will be used for the Minesweeper competition on Friday.  While other groups have worked on the arena in some ways, our group has the most participation in this great event and we are considered the sponsors of this project.  We are proud to host the Minesweeper competition soon, and we hope to do well in this competition!
The basic layout of the arena starts with the cardboard base.  Each base is raised about six inches and has several holes in it for columns on which the "mines" (or balls) will be placed.   There are a total of four platform, connected by wooden bridges making it challenging to get around.  There is one platform, the entrance platform, which does not have any holes on it.  It is purely for the purpose of entering the arena and navigating around it.
The structure looks like this:

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