Thursday, March 15, 2012

12 step engineering process

 This is the 12 steps engineering process about our latest change in the vex robot, SASHA 5.2. We have gone from SASHA 1, to SASHA 2,to SASHA 3, to SASHA 4, to SASHA 5.1 and finally we are SASHA 5.2, our latest vex or mindstorms version of the SASHA robots.

1. Define the problem - our problem is that we need an arm by tomorrow.
2. Brainstorm - we thought about our old arm idea that had only one arm in the front of the vex robot and the second design of our robot were we had two arms.
3. Research and generate ideas - we researched ideas from looking at other groups ideas which were pretty much all by the book, and then we decided to make our own design for the arm and put it on the top of the robot.
4. Identify criteria and specify constraints- we had many constraints that held us back including that we can only use one brain for the initial and final design, because we are using two brains for the testing, but we will have to change it back when we are done.
5. Explore possibilities - we have had several possibilities for the arm/arms on SASHA 5.2. we have had one arm in the front of the robot, one arm on either side, and now an arm on the top.
6. select an approach - we have decided to go with one arm on the top of the vex robot.
7. Develop a design proposal - we are going to construct an arm on the top of our vex robot, SASHA 5.2, which will be better than either of the other designs and well attached with screws.
8. make a model or prototype - we are currently working on constructing our arm on the top of the robot.
9. Test and evaluate the design using specification - we are going to test our arm with the vex micro controller and try to pick up the either the green vex ball or a tennis ball.
10. Refine the problem - we have created an arm on the top of our vex robot that will be capable of picking up and carrying the vex ball/ tennis ball.
11. Create or make solution - we created the vex arm.
12. Communicate processes and results - we have clearly documented all work on creating this vex arm on top of our robot.

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