Thursday, March 15, 2012


Today we are currently installing several limit switches on to our new vex robot, SASHA 5.2. We had limit switches on it before when it was SASHA 5.1, but we took them off when we dismantled it for our new design of SASHA 5.2.

SASHA 5.1 had to be dismantled because we had two arms with two brains for our testing phase when we decided to go with two arms, one on the front, on on the back. Now we have decided that we would go back to one arm but change it from the front of our vex robot design and put it on to the top. SASHA 5.2 is clearly much better than SASHA 5.1 because now it is smaller, and easier to control.
 This is our new, smaller version of our current vex robot, SASHA 5.2. We have gone from a much larger, harder to control version of SASHA 5.1, to this smaller, faster version of SASHA 5.2.
As you can clearly see in the above image, we have constructed our arm on the top of our vex robot instead of two,one on the front and the back of the frame. You can also see that we constructed another frame to hold the arm in place that goes above the main body that holds the brain and the battery.

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