Thursday, March 1, 2012

Major change to SASHA 5.0

We're starting a major adjustment to SASHA 5.0: the addition of a second arm.  We're not sure how this is going to work, but the idea is that the second arm will create more possibilities for our robot.  It will allow us to do more in testing, usage, and competition.  Also, the arm will create better balance for the robot, because the arm that we have now causes the robot to tip over when it was raised will have a counterbalance.

This crude sketch shows how the final robot will be arranged.  There are two brains, and the other arm will be situated on the opposite side from the existing one.  In addition to this, we will probably be outfitting the robot with all four wheels the same.  The wheels we use will be the ones that are currently in the back (near the new arm's location).  We'll continue to let you know how this development is coming, and keep you posted on all the progress we make.

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