Friday, March 2, 2012


As you know, we've had issues determining versions of SASHA in the past.
However, while this robot used to be SASHA 4.1, and was later upgraded to 5.0, it is now known as 5.1.  We've done too much work on it for it to be the same as the old SASHA 5.0, the miniature drone-capable robot.  It now has mine sweeping capabilities, two arms, and two brains.  It is larger than we expected it to be, and it is definitely not as fast, versatile, or stealthy as the original.  There is no way we could continue this construction without the robot being completely different from the original product, as our objectives have changed.  Although it's not a brand new robot, this robot is definitely new.  We may never see SASHA 5.0 again, but it'll always be a part of 5.1.  These additions have put SASHA 5.0 past what we've ever imagined for it.  Welcome to our lab, SASHA 5.1.

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